SQ's Mini-guide to Action & Lyric Synch

Assuming you already know how to use your editing program, this mini-guide was programmed to help your editing skills become "Better", only in the sense of enhancing your viewers' expierence while watching your videos. This mini-guide contains helpful tips & examples for action and lyric synch. Helpful tips being defined as simple text, and examples in the form of small .wmv clips contained within a winZIP archive which should be no more than 1 megabyte. If you're on a mac, you can download Windows Media Player for mac here. Select one of the following:

Action Synch

Lyric Synch


Music used: Nobou Uematsu's "Other World", Evanesence's "Hello", Michiru Yamane's "Requiem of the Gods".
Anime used: Wolf's Rain, Habane Renmei
Hosts: Freewebs for all examples and pictures, Tripod for the htm(l) files.

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